Nevada Tan von Herzogshof & Oxid Pouky Baboomco

Litter "GB"


D.O.B: 28/04/11


Litter: 4 babies

  • 3 jills
  • 1 hob


Type of hair: half-angora 


-Father's page: Nevada Tan von Herzogshof

-Mother's page: Oxid Pouky Baboomco




Name Color availability
Gangsta Bagera Baboomco black sable available
Gleen Bean Baboomco black sable reserved
Garena Blue Baboomco black sable reserved VPB
Gilty Boops Baboomco sable available


Gangsta Bagera Baboomco

Gleen Bean Baboomco

Garena Blue Baboomco

Gilty Boops Baboomco

French version
French version

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